Work together

Some ways we might work together:

Fluid Organisation
Bring your company to the next level with a mix of hierarchy and self-management. I help introduce practical building blocks that change the basic processes of the company. A long & thin approach (12+ months), on-the-job with you and your teams, step-by-step introduction of new ways of working across the organisation.

Fluid Strategy
Once-twice per year setup a strategy step-back  based on the wisdom of the crowd to celebrate successes and quickly adapt to changing realities with new actions and projects to drive the business forward. Including follow up.

Help you to sharpen your thinking and identify new paths. Based on 20 years of experence supporting business leaders in many different industries and settings.

Inspire and energize a group to change the way they work together. With pragmatic and innovative solutions, with warmth and caring, based on my experience with people in tons of organizations, plus my PhD in social psychology, the book, etc etc.